The Hand of God

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the Evangeblog, where we blog about evangelism. Now David would like to be clear, this is NOT to be confused with the evangeblob! This point can’t be stressed enough! My prayer is that we can all begin to be bold in sharing our faith, fervently praying for the Lord to show us opportunities for evangelism and outreach, and that we would go after such opportunities with joy and confidence. Now without further adieu the first blog:

It is my joy and pleasure to share with you a story about the hand of God. This past week I had been praying for opportunities to share the gospel and asking God to use me in a powerful way. Well let me tell you, the Lord is faithful and good! Just last night after worship, I get a call from Branson that his car wont crank, so I went to meet  James, Branson, and Stephen behind 631. As we were sitting trying to put our engineering minds together, aka calling our dads to figure out what to do. A guy named Johnny walked up and helped us get the car cranked up. All the while, I’m thinking this guy might not know the gospel, but he gonna learn today! We thanked him for his help and he asked if we could get him some food. So we took him over to none other than The Waffle House. We bought him some food and started a conversation with him. He turned out to go to Manifestation Church, loves the Lord and believes in Jesus alone for salvation. Amen. We were all able to talk about the Lord, his goodness, and maybe a little gamecock football during dinner. After dinner, I was looking in my wallet and found a invite card for Shandon, so I invited our waitress, Ashley, to church on Sunday. As we walked outside and said our goodbyes, James prayed for Johnny. When we were done, Ashley walked outside and told us that we were a blessing. She proceeded to tell us she wasn’t even supposed to be there that night. That she had been to church, but had never experienced people living out their faith like we were and that she would definitely be there on Sunday with her four children. How encouraging it is to see the Lord working in a powerful way! That’s what I call the hand of God and the power of one. I cannot explain the joy that I feel knowing that the Lord was working in a mighty was last night. I pray that the Lord will continue to work in both of their lives and to show up a mighty way as we live for Him.

I encourage you all to pray that the Lord would open your eyes for opportunities to share the gospel and for boldness in those situations. The Lord is at work, the answer is whether or not you want to be a part of it.

  1. James Jacocks says:

    I praise The Lord for the opportunity he presented us with last night. It was truly a blessing to pray over Johnny, and Gods joy was tangible when Ashley came outside to speak with us. I pray that every member of the college ministry can experience the power of God through sharing the Gospel and through prayer, and I firmly believe that there are great things in store for us and for those that God calls us to.

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