Give Me Reason

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now that we have clearly defined the gospel plainly, we must now start to look at objections skeptics have about Christianity. In high school Sunday school, Frank Shimkus, the youth pastor, has been doing a series called “Meet the Skeptic.” We really broke down what is at the root of each skeptic and how to lovingly interact with them. Over the next couple weeks, I would like to talk about four types of skeptics in detail, how to recognize and interact with them. Throughout your life, you will more than likely have interactions with skeptics. We need to become well equipped, so that we can be effective in our ministry. I hope and pray that digging into this over these few weeks will encourage and equip you all in evangelism. 

Before we get into specific skeptics, I would like to talk about the importance of having reasons for your faith. What would you say if someone made any of any of these objections: “C’mon, you don’t really believe in the resurrection, do you?!” “Religion is the cause of most of the world’s problems!” “Modern science makes God unnecessary.” “The Bible is full of myths and errors.” “How can you say your values are better than anyone else’s?” Many skeptics will come at us with these tough questions, could you give logical reasons for these objections? Should we just believe because of blind faith?

Let’s take the first objection – the resurrection.  If your default answer is “It’s just a matter of faith” then you would disagree with how the Apostle Paul responded to a skeptic’s objection to the resurrection.  Look at what Paul said: “What I am saying is true and reasonable” (Acts. 26:25).  According to Paul, believing in the resurrection of Jesus is a reasonable thing to do! We can’t and shouldn’t just have blind faith, we need faith backed up by reason. Do we have solid reasons to skeptics’ questions? Consider these verses:

– “Yet Saul grew more and more powerful and baffled the Jews living in Damascus by proving that Jesus is the Christ” – Acts 9:22

– “Meanwhile a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria came to Ephesus.  He was a learned man with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures…For he vigorously refuted the Jews in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ” – Acts 18:24, 28

– “So he (Paul) reasoned in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Greeks, as well as in the marketplace day by day with those who happened to be there” – Acts 17:17

– “…so I stand here and testify to small and great alike…that the Christ would suffer and as the first to rise from the dead, would proclaim light to his own people and to the Gentiles…What I am saying is true and reasonable” – Acts 26:23, 25

It is clear to see how these two men approached evangelism – with reasonable discussions.  It is no wonder then that another Apostle – Peter – would command all those reading his letter to “be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Pet. 3:15).  This was the mindset of the Apostles; this was the mindset of the early church; and this is the mindset that we are to have as well.  The point of these next couple of weeks is to be equipped to obey the command of 1 Peter 3:15. You will definitely not want to miss the weeks to come! May the Lord strengthen you in boldness as you live on mission for Him!


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