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Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

This upcoming Friday we will be having a 2-2-2 event. For those of y’all who don’t know, 2-2-2 is an evangelism event put on by Shandon College Ministry. Our goal is to send out 2 students to initiate 2 God conversations and change 2 lives! As I have said throughout the year, we’re trying to create a culture of evangelism within our ministry. 2-2-2 is great for people who want to learn to evangelize or to exercise something you may already feel comfortable doing, so that it will become more natural to do every day. For those of you, who do not feel comfortable sharing the gospel or maybe have never shared the gospel before, we would love for you to come out.

Before we go out, we will meet at 631 Harden to go over some fundamentals on how to share the gospel and different ways to initiate conversations. We will then split up into pairs and for those who don’t feel as comfortable sharing the gospel, I promise to match you up with someone who is more comfortable, so that you can experience a conversation without being thrown to the wolves. We are all there to support and encourage one another in evangelism. I know how intimidating and nerve wracking it can be to share your faith, but I would like to encourage you with something; everyone will be nervous. However, together I know that we can be bold and step out in faith to see what amazing thing God will do.

For this week, I found a video of Kirk Cameron sharing the gospel with too random people. Many times we talk about how to share the gospel, but don’t get to see a real conversation take place. I think this video will hopefully give you a glimpse of what sharing the gospel looks like and I encourage everyone to watch it!  As you watch the video, try to engage yourself in conversation!  Follow the link below to watch the YouTube video and I hope to see you all out for 2-2-2 on Friday at 3!


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