A Loving God Would Send People to Hell?

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

As Christians, we are commanded to be “ready to make a defense to everyone who asks [us] to give an account for the hope that is in [us], yet with gentleness and reverence,” (1 Peter 3:15). I want to be clear, apologetics and answering people’s questions never saved anyone. We speak the truth and it is the work of the Holy Spirit that saves, for “no one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him” (John 6:44). With that being said, it is important to be able to give an account, answer people’s questions and point them towards Christ. Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at some questions and objections that people may bring up while sharing the gospel. If anyone has specific questions that you would like to be answered whether it be for you personally or for others, you can email them to me at reesem383@gmail.com . This week I would like to look at two questions that people ask with regard to Hell.

Hell is a topic that most people in our generation do not like. There are even preachers that are preaching that God just loves everyone and would therefore never send anyone to Hell. So in the end, no one goes to Hell and everyone ends up in Heaven. Clearly, this is not biblical, but how do we talk about these things to non-Christians who may not take the Bible as the true word of God. How can a loving God send people to Hell?

The answer to this question is wrapped up in one attribute of God: His Justice. God is the Just Judge and He must therefore punish sin. God cannot by His very nature overlook the sin that we have committed. Would it be just if I murdered someone and the judge let me go free with no punishment given? How would you feel if it was someone you knew or loved? We all have this sense of justice that tells us this would not be just. It’s the same way with God, if He is just then He must punish sin. God’s love comes into play when He came down, as Jesus, and took that punishment for us. Jesus is the only one qualified to take our punishment being eternal and perfect. We deserved the wrath of God, but Jesus took it on himself. In Christ and Christ alone, we are able to be justified and righteous before God, we can only trust in Him.

Many people may say “so you’re telling me that my cousin is going to Hell because he’s not a Christian?” Consequently, it is true that those who do not trust in Christ will spend an eternity in Hell, but it is not because they are atheist, Muslim, or Hindu and not Christians. It is because if you die apart from trusting in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, no one has taken your punishment and you must take it yourself. Christianity is the only religion that teaches of a way to erase your sin, a way for your punishment to be taken, and a way for you to be regenerated. God must punish sin, the question is who will endure the punishment, will it be you or Jesus?


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