Is the Bible a Credible Source of Truth?

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many times while sharing the gospel, we quote Bible verses in order to back up the things that we are saying. However, sometimes when we are talking to people they will make the comment that they don’t believe in the Bible; meaning that the Bible has no real authority in their minds because they do not see it as the true word of God. This idea may stem from many different roots, whether that is from the fact that they don’t believe in God to begin with, they believe in another book as the true word of God, they think the Bible is full of contradictions, or they see the Bible as just another book written by a bunch of imperfect humans. Depending on the root of their skepticism towards the Bible, determines what tern the conversation should take. In today’s blog, I would like to focus on someone who skepticism is rooted in the Bible itself.

Last semester, I wrote a blog on the Biblical Skeptic, which discussed how we know that the Bible is inspired by God. If a book had specific, detailed statements about the future that came to pass 100% of the time, then we would know that the book is from God. Man cannot tell the future, but God can. No prophecy in the Bible has proved to be false; they have all come true or are prophecies about the end times, which clearly have not happened yet. We then looked at specific prophecies in the Bible that had been fulfilled. If you would like to read more about this, you can find the blog in the October Archive.

Once you have discussed prophecy with someone there may be more questions that someone may want you to answer. For instance they may say “how do you know the disciples didn’t just add in the prophecies in after Jesus lived so that it looked like he fulfilled prophecies?” or maybe they object saying that the Bible has been changed over time. If only we had manuscripts from before Christ that are the same as what we have in our Bibles. Well, we do! In 1946 through 1956, many different manuscripts were found in caves right off the shore of the Dead Sea at Khirbet Qumran. These scrolls were written down by a Jewish community that hid the writing they had because they knew that the Romans were coming towards then and would most likely destroy them and everything they had.  They hid these scrolls in caves and fled the area, which were found about 2000 years later by shepherds. These findings are what are known today as the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls included many different writings including many manuscripts from the Old Testament, which were dated from 408 BC to 318 AD. In fact, parts of every Old Testament books were found except the book of Ester.  In particular, there was a scroll of Isaiah that was found that was dated at 125 BC. When compared to what is in Isaiah of the modern Bible, they were almost exactly the same. The Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the best discoveries with regard to the preservation of the Old Testament.

What about the New Testament, was it changed throughout 2000 years? The New Testament is comprised of books and letters written by many people over time, which were written down and then passed on to once again be copied. 5,700 of these handwritten Greek manuscripts and 9,000 manuscripts written in other languages of the New Testament have been found. When looking at ancient works, there is nothing that even comes close to the numerous manuscripts that we have for the New Testament. The closest work is the Iliad by Homer, which has 643 manuscripts. Also, the New Testament manuscripts date back to 25 years after the originals were written compared to the Iliad which was a 500 year gap between the original and the first surviving copies. When looking at these manuscripts compared to one another and compared to what we have now, it is once again incredibly accurate.  So when we read the Bible or quote Bible verses to others we know with confidence that it is is the true unaltered word of God.

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