The Game Changer – Resurrection Pt. 3

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey y’all I hope everyone had a great Easter, reflecting on the sacrifice that God made on our behalf and His victory in that! If you were at Shandon for Easter, Dr. Lincoln went through the evidence for the resurrection and the foundation for the hope that we have in our risen Lord. He touched on many things that we have looked at over the past couple of weeks, including the theory that the disciples stole the body and made up the whole story and the theory that they were all just hallucinating.

This week, I would like to look at the swoon theory. The swoon theory is that Jesus didn’t actually die on the cross, but instead was very close to death. This may be one of the most ridiculous theories of them all. Crucifixion was one of the most inhumane forms of punishment. In fact, after a relatively short time the Romans stopped using it as a form of execution. Jesus was beaten forty minus one lashes, a crown of thorns was forced on his head, six-inch spikes driven through his hands and feet, and He was hung on a cross where He would hang until He could no longer pull himself up to breathe. The soldiers went around breaking the other two criminals legs so that they could not pull themselves up any longer, “but coming to Jesus, when they saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs,” (John 19:33). Just to make sure Jesus was dead “one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out,” (John 19:34). There a few propositions as to why there was “water” that flowed out of His side, one theory is that it was a buildup of the pleural and pericardial fluid, which hints to a cardiac rupture. This is also supported by the fact that Jesus was able to cry out and then died shortly after. No matter the real cause of His death, the evidence all points to the death of Jesus.

For argument sake let us say that hypothetically Jesus didn’t die on the cross. He was beaten, nailed to a cross and hung there to die, stabbed into the side with a spear, yet was still alive, only appearing to be dead. His ripped mangled flesh was then wrapped with bandages and 75 pounds of spices, placed in a tomb where He miraculously regained his strength and walked out of the grave three days later. If is absolutely absurd to believe this, even if He did not die He would not have barley had the strength to breathe, let alone roll back a stone that was more than likely over 2000 pounds.  All the evidence that we see points to the fact that Jesus did in fact die on the cross.

I hope that these last few weeks have encouraged and strengthened your faith in the fact that we have a loving, merciful, and all powerful God, that came to die as a substitute for us, so that we might be reconciled to Him and three days later He rose from the grave, defeating death and sin, proving his divine power and giving us hope for the future, when we will share in His resurrection and glory.



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