Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I hope everyone had a great last week of school, if you went on spring retreat, I know you did! I personally really enjoyed getting to know some of yalls stories. To see the way that God has worked in many of yalls lives and to reflect on the way He has worked in mine was extremely refreshing.

As we move into the summer, my prayer is that our stories will tell of a time that we got closer to God and used the time off from school to rest in Him and pursue His glory. I know many times our tendency during summer is to not only rest from school, but to also rest away from God instead of resting in Him. I pray that we do not get sucked into that mindset, but rather that our souls would “rest in God alone; [our] salvation comes from him,” (Psalm 62:1).

Many of us are going back home to work, taking summer classes, traveling on a maymester, or going various places on mission trips. Whatever it may be, I implore you to spend time with God, fellowship with other believers, get involved in a local church, and reach out to the lost. I started a  facebook group called “Summer Prayer” so that we can stay connected over the summer. If you have any prayer over the summer or want to post stories of what God is doing in your life, please post them in the group. Even though we will be all over the place, let’s make sure we are still living and staying connected as the brothers and sisters that we are. To join the group follow the link below: (join, post, invite friends!)


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